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WhatsApp to Support Passkeys on iOS for Enhanced Security

WhatsApp on iPhone to Get Secure Passkey Login Soon WhatsApp is finally bringing** passkey support **to iPhones! This means you'll soon be able to ditch weak passwords and log in using secure face or fingerprint biometrics instead. This news comes after Android users enjoyed this feature for some time, and reports suggest it's on the way to iPhones with the upcoming iOS 17 update. What are Passkeys? Passkeys are a new, more secure way to log in to online accounts. Developed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, they eliminate the need for traditional passwords and offer improved security against phishing and hacking. How Will It Work on iPhones? With the new update, you'll be able to set up a passkey for WhatsApp during installation or when reinstalling the app. Simply use Face ID or Touch ID to confirm, and you're good to go! Benefits of Passkeys: Enhanced Security: Say goodbye to remembering complex passwords and the risks of phishing attacks. Convenie

iOS 18 may be ‘the biggest’ software update from Apple in iPhone history

Apple is gearing up for what could potentially be the most monumental software update in its history with the upcoming release of iOS 18. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has shared insights suggesting that this anticipated update might stand as a watershed moment for the company, setting the stage for an exciting reveal at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) slated for June. In his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman hinted at the magnitude of iOS 18, hinting that it could mark a significant milestone in Apple's software evolution. He expressed anticipation, indicating that the forthcoming WWDC event promises to be an electrifying showcase for what lies ahead. This revelation builds upon Gurman's earlier speculation, where he characterized Apple's aspirations for iOS 18 as ambitious and compelling. While specific details about the update remain under wraps, Gurman's past reports have alluded to significant enhancements, including a revamped Siri powered by