Xiaomi increasing localizes India supply chain via BYD, DBG tie up

Chinese companies are facing increasing difficulties doing business overseas due to Chinese law and control of CCP over companies.

And relation with India is worsening in recent years where some Chinese companies are performing good. Xiaomi is biggest smartphone make in India for 12 consecutive quarters, Recently loosing this title to Samsung and anybody can guess it’s linked to increasing tension between two neighbor country India and china.

In order to please the Indian govt. Xiomi is trying to  further ramping up production in India by adding two new supply chain partners, BYD and DBG company announced publicly on company blog.

Saying they are goin to increase manufacturing capacity by 20% with this new partnership.

This move can be seen as Chinese companies are trying hard to prove that they can provide Indian customer locally manufactured products. They are claiming they are more Made in India product than some other Indian companies.

It’s also profitable for company to make things in India because labor wages have increased in China or they are demanding to increase.

Company will also get benefit of Indian govt ‘Make in India’ campaign this could result in getting extra perks from Indian govt for providing jobs. Xiaomi India has approx 60,000 employee and 10,000 alone added last year.

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