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Bounce Two Wheeler Rental startup has put Scooters on Sale

Bounce Two Wheeler Rental startup has put Scooters on Sale. The main reason for this layoff and putting up bikes is the current Pandemic COVID-19 in the country. The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and its resulting condition has caught much of the world off-guard.

The COVID caused the overall economic situation in India. Lots of businesses have been affected by this pandemic. The company has been catering 35% of the total ride-hailing traffic till Nov- Dec 2020. despite the lockdown having ended in June.
Bounce is a private rental bike service company. The Bounce company started as Wicked Rides in 2014 by Vivekananda HR, Varun Agni. Bounce was once valued at $450 million and had 600 persons on its rolls, is on an employee reduction spree. It is also learned that the company has lined up all of its two-wheelers for sale at an open ground near the Bharat Nagar Metro Station in Hyderabad. Bounce had earlier laid off around 130 employees or 22 percent of its staff in June 2020.

Bounce currently operates its Dock less scooters in Bangalore and Hyderabad with a fleet of 13, 000 and 2, 000 vehicles respectively. Bounce’s docked scooter rental service is available to commuters in over 35 cities

The recent layoff has reduced its employee count by 80 percent and this time round it also includes some employees in the senior management level, leaving the current count to just 70 employees.

Bounce, Which had earned Rs.8-10crores per month in January 2020.  Has seen revenues dip to Rs.1 Cr.  per month with a fleet of 3,000 scooters on the road, mainly in Bangalore. The company claims over 1,20,000 rides per day and has clocked over 16 million rides to date.

Self-Drive Shared Scooters – an alternate mode of transport

Micro-mobility is defined as small transportation modes propelled by humans or electric motors with speed in the range below 50 km/hour19. This includes scooters, bicycles, skateboards, skates, e-bikes, small electric vehicles with one or two seats, etc. Further, under shared micro-mobility, self-drive scooter sharing specifically refers to providing transportation from Point A to Point B with minimum or no human contact. It gives people the option of picking up a vehicle within 100 meters of a bus, metro, or train station, or at a given location and dropping it off at the nearest hub or parking zone on completing the ride 

On the other hand, non-motorized Micro-mobility options like cycle sharing systems and electric mobility have their advantages as they are a cleaner and active form of commute. However, the lack of adequate infrastructure along with low adherence to road safety norms makes non-motorized options of bicycle sharing highly dangerous.

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