Facebook to pay News Corp for news content in Australia

Facebook to pay News Corp for news content in Australia

News Corp says the deal of three-year agreement with Facebook, has agreed to pay for its Australian content will transform the terms of trade for journalism. The deal also includes extending an existing agreement between Facebook and Sky News Australia, part of News Corp, has also reached a new agreement with Facebook which “extends and significantly builds on” an existing arrangement.

The three-year deal comes weeks after the Australian government passed laws that aim at making tech platforms pay for news content.

In a statement Tuesday, chief executive of News Corp Robert Thomson said the agreement, which he called a “landmark,” in transforming the terms of trade of journalism, and will have a material and meaningful impact on our Australian news businesses. ,

 Last month Facebook restricted the sharing of news on its service in Australia. In defiance of the controversial proposed law that Facebook said the agreements would help people gain access to news articles and breaking-news videos from a network of national, metropolitan, rural, and suburban newsrooms.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his team deserve credit for their role in helping to fashion a future for journalism, which has been under extreme duress for more than a decade,” Thomson said. Campbell brown Facebook’s vice president of global news partnerships said in a statement that “we’re glad to have this deal in place and look forward to bringing facebook news to Australia.

News Corp is the largest media company in Australia currently controls roughly 70% of approximately 142 daily, weekly, and tri-weekly newspaper Circulation in Australia including The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, and the Herald Sun. News crop is also owned a 24hour channel Sky News Australia and also owns a controlling shareholder of pay Foxtel TV.

The company already has a deal with Apple to provide access to journalism and related content for a potential audience of millions around the world.

News Corp has long spearheaded a campaign in Australia to make politicians push tech firms to pay for news content from its sites News.com.au is an Australian news and entertainment website owned by News Corp Australia. It had 9.6million unique readers in 202 and specializes in breaking national and international, sports, lifestyle, travel, etc. 

Andrew Hunter( head of news partnerships Australia and New Zealand) said the agreements with News Corp Australia and Sky News Australia mean that people on Face book will gain access to premium news articles and breaking news video from News Corp’s network of national, metropolitan, rural and suburban newsrooms,”

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