Youtube shorts will let user sample audio from any youtube video

Youtube shorts will let user sample audio from any youtube video. Like tiktok youtube short video creators can use audio from any youtube video.

Being able to sample audio from other users’ videos is one of TikTok’s greatest strengths. It allows memes to percolate across the platform and lets users discover new content by watching videos with the same sound. Soon, YouTube will expand this feature in its TikTok competitor, Shorts, letting users sample sounds from any content uploaded to YouTube.

There’s now an option to record 60-second Shorts in addition to the 15-second option. But users will not be able to add music from the YouTube library to 60-second Shorts.

Shorts users can already sample sounds from other Shorts videos (as well as from a library of licensed music). The feature will attract YouTube users into its Shorts feature via a new “Create” button in the mobile app. Clicking it will give users the option to sample the video’s audio in Shorts.

YouTube launched its TikTok-like feature ‘Shorts’ in India last year. The company said it’s been seeing a positive response for Shorts as it reported 3.5 billion daily views in January this year. YouTube has now made Shorts available to all creators in the US after testing it with select creators earlier this year.

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