Google Makes it Easier to Remove Personal Information from Search


Google has made it easier to remove your personal information from its search results. The company will now send out notifications when it finds your address, phone number, or email on the web, allowing you to review and request the removal of that information from Search.

This is a major improvement over the previous process, which required you to search for your personal information yourself and then manually request its removal. With the new update, you can simply input your personal information into Google's "results about you" dashboard and the company will automatically pull up websites that contain any matches. You can then review each webpage and submit a request to remove it.

Google also allows you to enable push notifications that will alert you to any new results that appear in the future. This is a great way to stay on top of your personal information and make sure that it's not being displayed on Google without your consent.

It's important to note that taking your information off Google doesn't mean it's been completely erased from the web. People can still find your information if they stumble upon the webpage it's on. Google also has some limitations on the kinds of search results it can and can't remove and won't take action on results from governments or educational institutions.

However, this update makes it a lot easier to control your personal information on Google and reduce the risk of it being used for malicious purposes.

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