WhatsApp introduces HD video support

WhatsApp recently unveiled its support for HD photos, empowering users of the messaging app to maintain the high-definition quality of the images they share with their contacts. In a recent announcement, the company revealed that HD video support would also be introduced in the near future. Today, TechCrunch confirmed that WhatsApp has commenced the rollout of HD video support for both iOS and Android users.

Much like the HD photos feature, the HD videos capability enables users to choose to share videos in high definition on WhatsApp. In the past, videos with high resolution were automatically compressed to 480p, adhering to the app's previous resolution constraint. However, with the new update, users now have the option to transmit their videos in HD, albeit limited to a maximum of 720p.

The process for sharing HD videos mirrors that of sharing HD photos. After selecting the desired video or videos for sharing, users can tap the newly introduced HD button located at the top of the screen. A dialog box will appear, offering the choice between Standard Quality and HD Quality for sharing, along with an indication of the respective file sizes. By pressing the send button as usual, the selected video will be shared.

It's worth noting that the security of images and videos shared on WhatsApp is maintained through the app's end-to-end encryption.

For recipients, the shared HD video within the app will feature a small HD badge. This badge serves as an indicator that the sender has opted to share the video in HD. This allows recipients to make an informed decision about whether their available storage space and bandwidth allow for immediate viewing of the shared video in HD quality.

The rollout of this feature has already commenced, so users who have not yet gained access to it should expect to receive it soon.

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