Elon musk wants to Collect personal data and train AI from X


X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to implement a new privacy policy that involves the collection of users' biometric data, as reported by Bloomberg. The updated policy, effective from September 29, also outlines X's intention to gather users' job and education histories.

The revised policy states, "With your consent, we may gather and employ your biometric data for purposes related to safety, security, and identification." While X has not explicitly defined what it means by "biometric information," it typically refers to a person's physical attributes like their facial features or fingerprints. The company has not yet disclosed the specifics of how it plans to acquire this data.

According to X, the biometric data collection will primarily apply to premium users, offering them the choice to submit their government ID and an image to enhance verification procedures. Biometric data might be extracted from both the ID and image for matching purposes, according to Bloomberg.

In a statement to Bloomberg, X explained, "This will additionally help us tie, for those that choose, an account to a real person by processing their government issued ID. This will also help X fight impersonation attempts and make the platform more secure."

Notably, X has recently faced legal action in the form of a proposed class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that X unlawfully obtained, stored, and utilized biometric data, including facial scans, of Illinois residents without their consent. It claims that X failed to adequately inform individuals that it collects and stores their biometric identifiers from every photograph containing a face.

In addition to the biometric data changes, X's updated policy also mentions the storage of users' employment and education histories. The data will be used to recommend potential job opportunities, share relevant information with potential employers during job applications, aid employers in finding suitable candidates, and display more targeted advertising.

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