Meta may launch Paid Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Meta is contemplating the introduction of a paid subscription service for Facebook and Instagram in Europe, as per a report in The New York Times. This move is aimed at addressing European Union (EU) concerns regarding data privacy and advertising. However, there are currently no details available regarding the subscription price, release date, or even whether the product will ultimately be launched.

Meta has been engaged in disputes with the EU and other European regulatory bodies over alleged privacy infringements related to its ad-tracking services and data transfers. Ireland's Data Protection Commission previously imposed a $1.3 billion fine on Meta for the improper transfer of European user data to the United States, violating GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In July, the US and the EU signed a data transfer agreement, relaxing restrictions on social media platforms.

Meta has already begun offering an option to opt out of targeted advertising in the EU, and there have been reports suggesting it might further explore the possibility of making this an opt-in choice for all users in the region.

Additionally, Meta has postponed the release of its new social platform, Threads, in Europe due to concerns related to regulations. The company appears to be apprehensive about the upcoming Digital Markets Act, which restricts companies from reusing personal user data, including information like names and locations.

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