WhatsApp will soon allow to message from other apps

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Signal are popular but can be a hassle to juggle. Now, WhatsApp is planning something big: letting people message you from other apps!

For the past two years, WhatsApp has been working on a way for different apps to connect to it without compromising the privacy of messages. This is a big change for WhatsApp and could make messaging more competitive.

The European Union told WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, to open up its service to other apps. Now, WhatsApp is explaining how it will work.

Initially, you'll be able to send text messages, images, voice messages, videos, and files between two people using WhatsApp or Messenger. This won't include calls or group chats yet. Also, it's optional, so you can choose whether you want to receive messages from other apps.

If you opt in, you'll see messages from other apps in a special section in your WhatsApp inbox. This keeps your privacy intact. WhatsApp won't mix these messages with your regular ones.

The goal of all this is to make it easier for you to message people, no matter what app they use. But it's tricky because each app has its own way of keeping messages private.

WhatsApp is still working out the details. They want other apps to use a specific encryption method to keep messages secure. They're also figuring out how to manage spam and scams.

Other messaging apps might join in, but it's not clear who yet. WhatsApp hopes this will make messaging better for everyone, but there are challenges to overcome.

In the end, WhatsApp wants to make messaging simpler while keeping your messages safe and private.

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